Small Press Summer

Starting next week, I’m devoting one week each to a number of small (smallish?) presses whose work I’ve come to admire. I’ll kick off with John Andrew Fredrick‘s novel of a young man diving into the 90s indie rock scene in LA, courtesy of Verse Chorus Press.


After that, Australian crime fiction from Dark Passage, a Verse Chorus imprint.



Then it’s on to a couple of dark, brilliant novels by Laszlo Krasznahorkai, translated by George Szirtes and published by New Directions.

War_And_War_300_465                    The_Melancholy_Of_Resistance_300_458

Later, I’ll look at two of Jaimy Gordon‘s books, along with a couple of other offerings, from McPherson & Co.


I’ll also delve into Derek Raymond’s Factory novels, courtesy of Melville House.



Time and resources allowing, I’ll try to include work from Dalkey Archive and Graywolf Press as well. I doubt there’s much need to justify this project, especially given the further consolidation of the major presses this past spring. There are a number of fine smaller presses, producing work of great merit. I can’t begin to address them all, but I hope this small sample gives an indication of what’s available apart from releases by the big five/six American publishers.

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