Music & Literature

20130128_M&L Issue 2 - Final Draft.0

I’m as guilty as anyone else of abandoning print publications for digital (and too often hoping for content to be free), but there are still exceptions worth buying in print. Brick: A Literary Journal immediately springs to mind, as does Threepenny Review. I could add others (Indiana Review for instance – I especially recommend the Summer 2013 issue, 35.1, for a story by Phedra Deonarine), but it’s a mild surprise to come across a print publication I haven’t subscribed to and which is holding out in print, rather than shifting to a balance between print and digital, or a wholesale digital presentation. Today, I add Music & Literature to that list, for its remarkable Spring 2013 number, which contains a number of pieces on or by Laszlo Krasznahorkai, translated by the capable hands (and minds) of George Szirtes and Ottilie Mulzet, respectively. An absolute steal at $15 per issue, or $25 per year. You can read more about Music & Literature here.

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