New poems by Maurice Manning at LA Review of Books


This Monday brings a small, good thing in honor of National Poetry Month. Maurice Manning has four new poems on the LA Review of Books site. I reviewed Manning’s most recent collection, The Gone and the Going Away several months ago, and interviewed him sometime last year. He’s abundantly talented and thoughtful, and these new poems do nothing to dispel those impressions. I’m especially partial to the opening lines of “My Aunt Fanny”:

What do you think of the tale bandied
about, the grandly elevated
tale, that’s used to justify
the unimaginable and, therefore,
the not so true?  A tale that says
we must do something now, or else.
And it turns out, the bravest plan
is to do what we’ve already been doing,
only we must do it more.

When you’re done reading these new poems, seek out Manning’s work in book form. You can’t go wrong, but Bucolics weaves an especially powerful spell.

— John McIntyre

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