Some Small, Good Things

There’s a great Raymond Carver story called “A Small, Good Thing.” The stakes in it feel a lot higher than the small, good things I’m about to mention, but these made it a good week on some level all the same.

1) John Andrew Fredrick has a website. This goes firmly in the Long Overdue column. Hard to believe there wasn’t more of a web presence for a man with several novels and nearly two dozen albums to his credit. You can check out his artwork as well. And if that’s not enough, I interviewed him for the LA Review of Books earlier this year.

2) Dwight Garner writes about Charles Wright in the Times, once again. This is the second time in recent months, and I’m thrilled he’s using his platform to nudge readers toward a disgracefully overlooked writer. Of course, I wrote about Wright for Brick once upon a time.

And it’s time for a long weekend. Believe me when I say, you could do worse for company than John Andrew Fredrick and Charles Wright.

– John

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