There’s Always Going Home by Gordon Osing

There’s Always Going Home
On a last night in London on one of my journeys to
Ireland, it was a Christmas Eve; I stayed in a hotel out
south of the city, near Gatwick, alone in the hotel, as a
matter of fact, dining alone, going to the bar for a
nightcap alone, really, an eerie evening. Tennessee’s
Everly Brothers were on tv, in their reunion concert at
the Albert Hall in London. It was too sweet, home-music
and all and me going there tomorrow, with certain
reluctances, alas, after Ireland, that grew as the flight
progressed the next day. Travel is indeed the lazy man’s
mystical luxury, as I wrote somewhere. The price you pay
is returning. “Let it be me,” I breathed wanly, thinking of
the gift of escaping, of the Prodigal’s mixed welcome

– Gordon Osing, from The Jazzer and the Loitering Lady, 2001 Sputen Duyvil Books

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